Thursday, February 15, 2007

Origins Shedonism

Origins has launched Shedonism, a new "exotic floral essence":

On the fabled tropical island of Tahiti, the “society of she” is still celebrated with playful passion. There the women wear a fragrant, snow-white Tiaré blossom that holds a special meaning. According to tradition, when the flower is worn behind the left ear, it says her love is taken. Worn on the opposite ear, it means her heart is fancy free. And when she waves the Tiare behind her head, it signals "Follow me". Wear this mist of deep, hypnotic Tahitian Tiare delicately dashed with evocative Jasmine, sweet Petitgrain Mandarin, sparkling Bergamot and Basil like a fragrant ornament and enjoy the "Sweet Life" of Polynesia every day.