Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Perfume houses N-O

Nana de Bary attended the Parsons School of Design and worked for various fashion magazines in the United States before returning to her native Austria. In the late 1990s, she opened a boutique in Vienna featuring perfumes, cosmetics, T-shirts and handbags. Her first perfume, Nanadebary, was released in 2001, and is now known as Classic Pink to distinguish it from the Nanadebary fragrances that followed: Bronze and Green.

Where to buy: available at aedes, beautyhabit, and Barneys.

Nanette Lepore
American fashion designer with 6 boutiques worldwide; her style has been variously described as bohemian, quirky and girly. Her first fragrance, Nanette Lepore, launched in 2004 and was followed by Shanghai Butterfly in 2006.

Recent releases include Love Bird (limited edition, 2007).

Where to buy: at selected department stores and sephora.

Naomi Campbell
British supermodel whose first scent, Naomi Campbell, launched in 1999. Subsequent releases include Naomagic (2000), Exult (2002), Mystery (2003) and Sunset (2004).

Recent releases include Cat Deluxe (2006), Winter Kiss (2006), Cat Deluxe At Night (2007), Eternal Beauty (2007), Seductive Elixir (2008).

Narciso Rodriguez
American fashion designer who became famous after designing Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's wedding dress while he was working at Cerruti. His own label debuted in 1997.

Fragrances were introduced in 2003 with Narciso Rodriguez For Her, a fragrance based on the Egyptian musk that Rodriguez had been wearing (and blending with other scents) for some years. For Her is available in a musk oil and an Eau de Toilette. In 2005, an Eau de Parfum version of For Her with different floral notes was launched.

Recent releases include Narciso Rodriguez For Him (2007).

Where to buy: at department stores and online fragrance discounters.

Amsterdam-based niche line established in 2007 by Alessandro Gualtieri. Initial offerings include Hindu Grass, Duro, Narcotic Venus, Silver Musk and Absinth.

Recent releases include China White (2008).

Where to buy: at barneys or luckyscent in the US, at first-in-fragrance in Germany.

American sportswear label. Fragrances were introduced in 1992 with Nautica for men. Subsequent releases include Nautica for women (1997), Latitude Longitude (2000). Fragrances are currently produced under arrangements with Coty.

Recent releases include Nautica Blue (2006), Nautica Voyage (2006), Nautica Island Voyage (2007), My Voyage (2007), Sunset Voyage (2008).

Neil Morris
Boston-based indie perfume house specializing in custom fragrance services.

In 2007, Neil Morris launched a line of 8 ready-to-wear fragrances: Aegean, Afire, Clear, Coral, Midnight Flower, Quest, Storm and Zephyr. The Vault Collection comprises another 50+ fragrances made available online in Spring 2008.

Recent releases include Neil Morris for Takashimaya New York (2008).

Where to buy: at Takashimaya in New York, or from the website (see below).

Paris-based company established in 1985 as a trend forecasting service in the fashion, cosmetics and home decoration industries. They issue seasonal trend books and special reports which help buyers figure out just what the latest thing is going to be,

In 2005, NellyRodi issued Scent Factory, a collection of 8 oriental fragrances. See reviews for Incense, Rhum, Cardamome, Cacao & Gingembre, Bois, Ambre, Rose.

Recent releases include Scent Factory 9 (2007).

Where to buy: aedes, apothia, luckyscent.

Nez a Nez
French niche line established by Christa Patout in 2005. The line includes ten scents: Ambre à Sade, Atelier d’Artiste, Bal Musqué, Bouche Baie, Figues et Garçons, Forêt de Bécharré, Marron Chic, Mille et une Figues and Rosier Ardent et Vanithé.

Where to buy: currently, through the website or from first-in-fragrance in Germany.

French spa (as of 2006, they had spas in Paris, London, San Francisco & New York) and grooming line for men.

Fragrances were introduced in 2003 with Ennemi, followed by Eau Maximum in 2006.

Recent releases include Calamity Ginger, Suzy Panty & Ulla Lala (2007).

Where to buy: at Nickel spas, hamptonct.

Nicole Farhi
French-born designer who launched her own label in the UK in the 1980s.

Fragrances were introduced in 2005 with Nicole Farhi Femme & Homme. Recent introductions include Bleu Azur for women and Bleu Intense for men (2007).

Where to buy: in the UK at escentual.

Niki de Saint Phalle
French sculptor and painter (d.2002); her eponymous fragrance, which launched in 1982, features blue and gold packaging with a design of intertwined serpents. The success of the perfume helped to fund the creation of The Tarot Garden in Italy (more information at website, see below).

Nina Ricci
Fashion house founded in Paris in 1932 by Italian-born Nina Ricci (d. 1970) and her son, Robert Ricci. After Nina Ricci's retirement, Robert Ricci ran the house until his death in 1988. The house was acquired by the Puig Fashion Group in the late 1990s. Designer Olivier Theyskens (formerly of Rochas) was recently appointed Creative Director, and will show his first collection in 2007.

Fragrances were introduced in 1946 with Coeur-Joie. L'Air du Temps, for which the house is still best-known today, followed in 1948. Other perfumes include Nina (1986), Deci Dela (1994), Les Belles de Ricci (1996), Premier Jour (2001) and Love in Paris (2004). See review for Signoricci (1964/1976).

Recent introductions include L'Air du Temps Coloured Doves (2006), Nina (2006), L'Eau du Temps (2007), Love in Paris Fleur de Pivoine (2007), Nina Pretty (2008).

Where to buy: department stores and online fragrance discounters.

Nobile 1942
Italian niche line with four fragrances: Pontevecchio, Pontevecchio W, Anonimo Veneziano and Vespriesperidati.

Norma Kamali
American fashion designer who opened her first boutique in New York City in 1968. Fragrances were introduced in 1986 with a duo (to layer or wear separately) called simply Norma Kamali. Fragrances include Norma Kamali, Incense, Baby, Lavande, Jazmin, Violette, Zagara, The, Ceremony, Beach, Olive You and Cucumber.

Where to buy: beautyhabit, Norma Kamali boutiques.

Bath & body line founded by Nyakio Kamoche and Troy Nankin in 2001. The products are inspired by Kamoche's African heritage. The eponymous fragrance, Nyakio, is available in perfume oil and dry oil spray.

Recent releases include Safi (2008).

Where to buy: apothia, drugstore.com, luckyscent, your-cosmetics.

O Boticario
Brazilian company founded in 1977 as a small prescription drugstore. Today O Boticario is one of the largest franchise cosmetics and perfumery companies in the world, with stores in Latin America, Portugal, Australia and Japan. To my knowledge, they are not yet available in the United States.

Ocean Pacific
Company founded by Jim Jenks in the early 1970s. Their early emphasis was on surf clothing and Hawaiian shirts. OP still produces clothing and gear for board sports enthusiasts, but they are now more of a "West Coast lifestyle" brand aimed at the youth market.

Fragrances were introduced in 2001 with OP Juice scents for men and women. Subsequent releases include Ocean Pacific and OP Blend. Fragrances are produced under arrangements with Parlux.

Offshoot of Italian niche line Bois 1920. Odori debuted in 2008 with six masculine fragrances: Gli Odori, Iris, Spigo, Tabacco, Zafferano & Cuoio.

Where to buy: at luckyscent in the US, at first-in-fragrance in Germany.

Dutch line of clothing & accessories for women and children. Fragrances include Oilily Classic.

Recent releases include Oilily Muse (2007), Blue Sparkle (2008).

Where to buy: at Oilily boutiques or online fragrance discounters.

Old Spice
Fragrance line produced by the Shulton Company: Early American Old Spice for women launched in 1937, the now iconic Old Spice for men in 1938. The Shulton Company was purchased by Proctor & Gamble in the 1990s.

Recent releases include OS Signature (2006).

Olivier Durbano
Olivier Durbano trained as an architect, then established himself as a jeweler in France in 2000, first in Lyon, later in Paris. His perfumes were inspired by his Bijoux de Pierres Poèmes (Stone Poem Jewels). Rock Crystal debuted in 2005, and was followed by Amethyst in 2006, Black Tourmaline in 2007. Four more fragrances are said to be in the works.

Where to buy: in the US at luckyscent, in Germany at first-in-fragrance, in Paris at Printemps.

Opus Oils
California-based indie perfume house.

Recent releases include Roller Girl (2007), Satan's Angel (2007), the Fetish Collection (2008), Unearthly Beauty? by Gretchen Bonaduce (2008), Jitterbug (2008).

Botanically-oriented skin and bodycare company founded in 1990 under the Estee Lauder umbrella. Fragrances include Spring Fever (1995), Ginger Essence (2000).

Recent releases include Shedonism (2007).

Where to buy: at department stores.

Ormonde Jayne
London-based niche perfumery established by Linda Pilkington in 2002. Fragrances include Champaca, Frangipani Absolute, Ormonde for women, Ormonde for men, Osmanthus, Ta'if and Tolu.

Recent releases include Isfarkand (2005), Orris Noir (2006), a newly revamped bath & body line (2006), Seraphim (limited edition, 2007).

Where to buy: through the Ormonde Jayne website and boutique in London. There are also boutiques in Dubai, and a new US version of the Ormonde Jayne website, with faster shipping, is currently projected to launch in 2008.

Personal, bath and home fragrances inspired by Sicily. .

Where to buy: in the US at beautyhabit; see also shopping report for the Ortigia boutique in London.

Oscar de la Renta
Fashion house established by Oscar de la Renta, who started as an apprentice to Cristobal Balenciaga, and then worked for the Elizabeth Arden line before starting his own brand in 1965. Known for his luxurious evening clothes, and for dressing many of the First Ladies of the US.

Fragrances were introduced in 1977 with Oscar. Subsequent releases include Volupte (1992), So de la Renta (1997), Oscar for men (1999), and Rosamor (2004).

Recent releases include Oscar Violet, Oscar Citrus (both 2005), Oscar Bamboo (2006), Oscar Island Flowers (2006) and Oscar Gold (2006), Oscar Pink Lily (2007), Oscar Red Orchid (2007), Oscar Red Satin (2007), Oscar Fresh Vanilla (2008), Oscar Summer (2008).

French surfwear brand established in 1985. Fragrances were introduced in 2008 with Essence de Surf, and are produced under arrangements with Lorience.

Ozwald Boateng
Savile Row tailor/menswear designer. Parfum Bespoke pour Femme, which included two scents in a divided bottle, launched in 2003.